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Success in maritime and admiralty law claims and cruise line lawsuits requires more than just knowledge of the law and the court system. You must also understand shipboard operations and procedures as well as how cruise ship accidents occur and how cargo damage occurs whether on land, in the air or on the water. It is a complex area of law that takes years to master.

At Michael C. Black, P.A., our lawyer has decades of experience in all aspects of maritime and transportation law. From our Miami office, we represent businesses and individuals across Florida the United States, and throughout the international community in many types of admiralty and maritime claims and legal issues.

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Comprehensive Admiralty and Maritime Legal Services

  • The Jones Act We can help you file your claim correctly, which may help you get your maintenance and cure and other benefits sooner.
  • Crewmember injuries€” Maritime work is dangerous. We can help you seek Jones Act negligence compensation from your employer, compensation for the unseaworthiness of a vessel, and if applicable, third-party compensation.
  • Longshore and harbor workers€” Injured on the job while working as a longshoreman or harbor worker? We will help you receive all your benefits from your employer and file a third party claim if warranted.
  • Vessel arrests€” If you are owed money by a ship owner or operator, we can file a cruise line lawsuit and have the vessel seized.
  • Marine insurance Our attorneys represent insurance companies in subrogation matters. We also handle all kinds of maritime insurance disputes including coverage issues.
  • Cargo damage and transportation law€” Recover funds for lost, stolen or damaged cargo.
  • Maritime arbitration€” Firm founder William E. Cassidy is an approved maritime arbitrator.
  • Cruise ship passenger and crew member injuries We help people injured on board the ship and on shore excursions.
  • Slip/trip and fall passenger and crew member accidents€” Cruise ships often contain slick, wet and unsafe surfaces that can cause injury.
  • Wrongful death We represent the families of passengers and crew who die because of another party's negligence.
  • Boat, yacht and jet ski accidents€” We will seek compensation for your injury on the water.
  • Product liaiblity cases involving defective vessel parts or equipment

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