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When boats, ships, barges and other large vessels collide or are damaged by fire or some other calamity, insurance companies are the first to make their insured whole. Insurance companies don't have to bear the brunt of someone's negligence. They have a right to recover their losses through a subrogation claim.

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Subrogation Process and Insurance Litigation Negligence

Our insurance litigation lawyers understand the subrogation process. We know that effective subrogation requires the ability to dig deep into each case to maximize recovery. Our lawyers carefully analyze each case to explore all possible theories of recovery. We conduct a thorough investigation to locate any hidden assets.

The Intersection of Civil Laws and Subrogation Claims

A subrogation lawyer needs to be familiar with all of the laws that could impact your subrogation claim. The lawyers at our firm know the law and stay current on changing laws that could potentially impact your claim.

We are effective subrogation claims lawyers. We help marine insurance companies recover what they are owed.

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