Injured On Board a Cruise Ship? 5 Tips for Establishing Liability

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What could be more fun than a cruise ship vacation into the paradise islands of the Caribbean? At the same time, what could be more frustrating than suffering a debilitating injury due to someone else’s negligence while on that cruise? With cruise ships averaging around 2,000 to 3,000 passengers at a time, it is not a surprise that dangerous cruise ship accidents occur frequently.

If you have been hurt while aboard a cruise, you need to know these five useful tips to prove liability. Otherwise, you could be paying for your recovery costs out of your own pocket.

1. A Few for the Photo Album

If you are on a cruise, there is a good chance that you brought a camera of some sort, including the one in your phone. Even though it was meant to snap photos of the sights, it is vital that you capture pictures of your injury and the scene of the accident – your entire case could hinge on these images.

2. With That Many People Around…

Someone must have witnessed your accident, assuming you were not in your private quarters. Don’t hesitate to ask other passengers what they saw. If you were at port when it happened, you can even ask local authorities for testimonies if they are called to the scene.

3. The Crew Are Passengers, Too

Many people forget that crewmembers are literally all on the same boat as you. If you have been injured, odds are they will want to help you out in any way they can, including providing evidence on your behalf. They, more than most people on board, understand what it can feel like to be hurt far away from home and will probably want to assist you.

4. The High Risk of High Water

Many cruise ship accidents can originate from unsafe weather conditions, such as storms that generate large waves or unreasonably dangerous chop. If the captain and controllers of the cruise ship itself do not react appropriately to the sea’s behavior, they unfairly put everyone on their vessel at risk of serious injury.

5. Keep Your Ticket

There are two reasons you should be sure to hold onto your ticket after you have been hurt aboard a cruise ship. One: it can be used as proof that you were actually on the cruise. Two: the cruise line will often print legal contracts on the back of them that outline liability requirements. Bringing this to court could give you a solid advantage in your case.

No matter how you were injured, if it happened aboard a cruise ship, you should not have to worry about paying your own medical bills. Cruise line companies have vast amounts of insurance at their disposal that they can use to take care of you; it is just a matter whether or of not they want to. When you come to a Miami cruise ship injury lawyer from Michael C. Black, P.A. for legal advocacy, you will be supported by a legal team with a complete focus on maritime law and injury cases. Take advantage of our dedication and experience by contacting us today.