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If the operator or owner of a vessel owes you money, arising out of goods or services provided to the vessel, you have a maritime lien against the vessel. The courts can seize and hold a vessel for payment of debt or maritime lien enforcement. The ship may be held until the debt is satisfied, a settlement bond is posted, or it can be sold to pay the lien holders.

The legal aspects of maritime lien enforcement are quite complex. You need an experienced maritime and admiralty lawyer if you plan to file a maritime lien or have a vessel arrested. Our attorney, Michael C. Black, P.A. , has substantial experience with vessel arrests. We can also handle charter party disputes.

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We will file a cruise ship lawsuit for you in federal court against the vessel, in rem (which means against the vessel itself). Then the court will issue a warrant of ship arrest to seize the ship. We can then recover the amount you are owed. You may file a maritime lien against nearly any type of commercial and recreational vessel, including cargo ships, freighters, yachts, casino boats and others.

A maritime lien is a claim on a sea vessel for the services it provides or damage it has caused. Liens filed on the mainland grant individuals the right to keep another individual's possession until that person pays any outstanding debt. A maritime lien differs in that the ship itself is considered to be the debtor. The debt to be repaid is anything that the ship and its operations perform or acquire, or in the case of injury, any damages that happened aboard the ship or that the ship caused.

Typical reasons that maritime liens are filed and enforced can include:

We also handle claims involving the salvage of cargo and vessels, representing salvage companies and salvors in disputes with the owners of vessels. If your company was hired to salvage a vessel and you were not paid, we can help you seize and hold the vessel for money owed.

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