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When you and your family board a cruise ship for a luxury vacation, you have the right to expect safe and reasonable accommodations. While it should be the utmost priority of the crew and companies involved with the cruise liner to ensure that you are safe.

Can You Sue a Cruise Line?

Have you or a loved one experienced a cruise ship crash in Miami? If yes and you sustained a cruise injury, you may be able to sue the cruise line that was responsible. Many people are injured every year while taking vacations on cruises and in some cases, it is through no fault of their own. Injured passengers may file claims or sue the cruise line they sailed with. However, before you start a lawsuit be sure to read the fine print on your ticket first or discuss your potential case during a free initial consultation with our Miami cruise ship injury lawyer at Michael C. Black, P.A..

Cruise ship injuries remain a commonplace reality. Can you sue a cruise ship? If you were injured while on a cruise ship or cruise excursion, you are bound by certain limitations when suing for damages.

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What Are the Common Types of Injuries That Can Occur On a Cruise Ship?

Common types of injuries that can occur on a cruise ship include:

  • Slip and Fall Injuries: These can happen due to wet or slippery surfaces, uneven flooring, or obstacles in walkways.
  • Pool and Water Slide Injuries: Accidents such as slips, falls, or collisions can occur around swimming pools, water slides, or other water attractions on the ship.
  • Medical Negligence: Inadequate medical care or errors in diagnosis or treatment can lead to injuries or complications for passengers onboard.
  • Food Poisoning or Illness: Contaminated food or water can cause foodborne illnesses, such as norovirus or salmonella, affecting passengers' health.
  • Assaults or Sexual Harassment: Unfortunately, incidents of assault or harassment can occur onboard, impacting the safety and well-being of passengers.
  • Mechanical or Equipment Failure: Malfunctions of machinery, elevators, doors, or other ship equipment can result in accidents and injuries.
  • Shore Excursion Injuries: Passengers may participate in various shore excursions, such as snorkeling or hiking, where accidents or injuries can happen.
  • Falling Overboard: In rare cases, passengers may fall overboard due to negligence or accidents, leading to severe injuries or fatalities.
  • Cruise Ship Norovirus Outbreaks: Highly contagious noroviruses can spread quickly among passengers, causing gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • Maritime Accidents: Collisions, fires, or other maritime accidents can occur, potentially resulting in injuries to passengers or crew members.

It's important to note that each case is unique, and the specific types and severity of injuries can vary. If you experience an injury on a cruise ship, it is advisable to seek medical attention and consult with a personal injury attorney who specializes in maritime law for guidance.

Common Causes of Cruise Ship Injuries

It can be difficult for the best companies around to maintain suitable safety standards and executive routine inspections and maintenance. When the rocking of a large seafaring vessel and commonplace negligence come into play, things can become much more dangerous.

In spite of this, difficulty preventing unsafe situations in no way excuses the hazardous negligence of cruise liner staff and parent companies.

How Our Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys Can Help

In the past, we handled cruise ship lawsuits cases involving:

Should You Hire A Lawyer if You Were Injured on a Cruise Ship?

It is no trade secret that maritime law is often regarded as one of the most complex forms of litigation and legislation. The rules it forms often deal with international waters, foreign countries, port authorities, and business regulations of all sorts. If you have a case dealing with pain and suffering you experienced while on a cruise ship, it could be far more complicated than a typical personal injury claim.

You will need the assistance and legal counsel of a seasoned team of cruise ship injury attorneys you know you can trust to get the justice you deserve. At Michael C. Black, P.A. our Miami cruise ship injury attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of maritime law and explain your options for seeking the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Our Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers?

**Attorney Michael Blackis Board Certified in Admiralty and Maritime Law by the Florida Board of Legal Specialization.

How Can I Win a Cruise Injury Lawsuit?

There are many common injuries that can happen on a cruise ship: slip & fall, food poisoning, illness, and more. Suits for those cruise injuries will claim negligence. To win, your case must show evidence that the cruise ship had a duty to care for you; that the cruise ship breached that duty; and the breach caused your injury and damages.

According to the Kermarec rule, cruise lines have a duty to provide passengers with reasonable care. This rule was created by the U.S. Supreme Court after Kermarec v. Compagnie Generale in 1959. This means that cruise ships have a duty to take steps to protect you such as properly storing and preparing food to prevent food poisoning. If a cruise failed to do this, then it breached its duty of care.

If you or a loved one have a cruise ship injury do not hesitate to reach out to our Miami cruise ship injury lawyer today to discuss your options in obtaining the compensation that you deserve

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As a legal team with two Board Certified Maritime Law Attorneys, we are completely familiar with the legal intricacies that could affect your case. We know how to go up against major cruise line companies and are ready to do what it takes to help you win.

Contact our firm at your earliest convenience to consult a cruise ship injury lawyer in Miami. At our firm, we believe that you have a right to sue for compensation, and we are willing to use whatever resources we can to pursue justice on your behalf.

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