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Commercial shipping operations are legally bound to uphold the terms of the charterparty contract, which is a set of agreements between the owner of a vessel and the party who is leasing it (known as "the charterer"). These contracts can include terms for how long the charterer is allowed to use the vessel, what his or her responsibilities will be while aboard, who is responsible for providing supplies and/or a crew, and who will be responsible for recovering damages if an accident occurs.

If you are involved in a charter dispute, you will need a skilled and knowledgeable advocate to help you understand your legal rights and defend your best interests. Whether you are the owner of a ship or a charter, if you believe your contract has been violated, turn to Michael C. Black P.A. for guidance and representation. You should not have to pay the price for someone else’s failure to uphold the terms you agreed upon.

Some common issues that lead to charter disputes include:

  • Liability for damaged cargo. If any cargo is damaged during the voyage, disputes can arise regarding who should be held responsible.
  • Liability for a negligent crew
  • “Warranty of Seaworthiness.” The ship’s owner can be held liable if a ship proves to be unfit for completing a journey or task.
  • Liability for damage or ‘wear & tear’ to the vessel
  • Liability for polluting the water

A well-formed contract will clearly define and outline each party’s responsibilities regarding the issues mentioned above, and more. However, it is impossible to predict the details of how something might go wrong while the ship is at sea. Sometimes the contract will not provide clear answers for the circumstance at hand, which can give rise to a dispute.

You may also be facing a situation where negligent charterers aboard your ship are refusing to take responsibility for their mistakes. Or perhaps you are a charterer who suffered damages or injury aboard a vessel due to the owner’s negligence, but the owner is denying liability. At Michael C. Black, P.C., we will advocate for your rights and interests, fighting to ensure that you do not suffer loss because of another party’s mistake.

Our Miami maritime lawyer has over 20 years of experience representing individuals involved in charter disputes and related issues. Do not hesitate to call our firm today for a free consultation regarding your situation.

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