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A Knowledgeable Lawyer in Maritime Law A Guide Through Maritime Employment Wage Disputes

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Fighting for Fair Wages for Cruise Ship Employees

Whether working on a commercial or cruise ship, barge, yacht or even on the docks, you put in long hours and work hard for your pay. If a shipping company or ship owner has denied or withheld your full pay, it is important to get an advocate on your side who can explain your rights and help you recover what you are owed.

The law office of Michael C. Black, P.A., is here to help. With over 20 years of experience, our attorney at our Miami firm understand maritime employment laws. We represent dock workers, cruise ship workers and other seamen throughout Florida with their employment claims.

Cruise Ship Employee and Dock Worker Wage Dispute Lawyer

Michael C. Black represents cruise ship employees and dock workers with common employment disputes such as:

  • Denied wages including failure to pay bonuses, allowances, vacation or severance pay - While working a cruise ship can be fun, employees still have a right to vacation pay
  • Miscalculated wages - This type of wage dispute is a big deal because it often affects individuals over a long period of time and can affect one's ability to make a living wage
  • Unpaid overtime - When working on a cruise ship or even at the docks, employees can often be expected to work overtime; however, you deserve to be fairly compensated for your work
  • Pay cuts due to shortened trips - When a cruise line is required to cut a trip short, they may be tempted to cut employees' wages as well, which can negatively affect your ability to pay your own bills on time

How the Seamen's Act Affects Cruise Ship Employees' Rights

Cruise ship employees are considered seamen in maritime and admiralty law. Under the Seaman's Wages Act, ship owners must pay seamen at the end of the voyage or shortly after returning to shore, regardless of whether working as employees or as independent contractors. Ship owners who refuse to pay earned wages without just cause may be forced to pay the wages that are owed as well as a penalty.

Maritime laws are complex. In order to collect the wages that you are owed, you should have a lawyer who focuses on maritime law and knows which laws apply to your claim.

Dock workers and longshoreman are frequently misclassified as seamen and denied the overtime they are owed under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Although they are engaged in maritime employment, state and federal laws may still apply.

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Our firm handles all matters of employee wage disputes. Our attorney is board certified in maritime and admiralty law. Contact our law office to set an appointment or call us at (305) 964-8792.

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