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A federal court claim dealing with marine salvage aims to compensate companies and individuals for voluntarily saving or otherwise assisting a vessel in peril. As salvage work is inherently dangerous, this field of maritime law was developed to facilitate maritime commerce by offering a reward to salvagers. Once performed, a salvor has a lien or claim on the maritime property they helped restore or save. This is where things can become complicated.

Salvage claims are equitable by nature, meaning they must provide fair compensation for the work performed. However, there is no simple way to measure the value of a salvage claim. Instead, the awards are likely to be determined through litigation proceedings, courtroom cases, and weighing all facets of the situation.

The following details will be considered:

  • What was salvaged
  • Value of salvaged property
  • How long it took to salvage
  • Where it was salvaged
  • Weather and sea conditions at the time
  • Necessary expenses to salvage crews

The first step to get a fair estimate for how much you should be compensated after salvaging a wrecked or damaged vessel should be to contact our Miami maritime law attorney from Michael C. Black, P.A.

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Since 1983, Michael C. Black, P.A. has been helping clients throughout Florida with their salvage and boat tow claims. Our maritime lawyer is extremely knowledgeable in this complicated and often misunderstood area of the law. We are ready to fight for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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Understanding and Creating Towage Claims

Towage claims are distinct forms of marine salvage claims. Unlike traditional salvage, which is a volunteer effort, boat tow claims involve a contract between the salvor and the captain or company that owns the vessel. Although this contract is meant to set the amount towers will get paid, it is sometimes not so clear.

Even with these differences, the distinction between salvage and towage claims can be murky. A company may have created a contract with a tow company but ultimately required salvage efforts to rescue the imperiled vessel. When there are disputes in what work was actually completed or necessary, disputes in payment are sure to quickly follow.

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Assuming that there are no problems with payment for your salvage or tow work, you might have been injured while performing your duties, as this can happen to even the most seasoned seamen. Our legal team can assist you with managing personal injury claims that originate while at sea as well. No matter what issue with maritime law might be troubling you, we are here to help.

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