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Transportation law has grown more complex due to changing technology, instant communication, and increasing volumes of international freight. Transportation laws place strict time and damage limits on many claims. For smaller and medium-sized companies, a cargo loss can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

At Michael C. Black, P.A., we represent shippers and cargo insurance companies in actions involving all types of cargo damage or loss. Because we work in this area of law every day, we have a thorough knowledge of all applicable laws.

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How Cargo Damage Happens

For shippers and insurance companies, cargo loss and damage is an all-too common occurrence. It can happen via any means of transportation, including:

  • Air
  • Sea
  • Truck (overland)
  • Railroad

Common Types of Cargo Damage

  • Theft - Negligent security can often lead to cargo damage or loss when the cargo is stored in a warehouse
  • Spoiled Goods - Another way cargo can be damaged in storage is by failure to maintain proper storage temperatures for foodstuffs and other perishable cargo
  • Water Damage - Particularly when it comes to oversea shipping, water damage can occur if the freight or cargo is not properly secured during transit or is left exposed to the elements
  • Breakage - Delicate items such as technical equipment or fragile materials can be broken during shipping if they are handled too roughly
  • Infestations - During long transits or storage periods it is not uncommon for containers to experience rodent or insect infestations; this can lead to spoiled or damaged cargo

Who is Liable for Goods Damaged In Transit?

Liability will often depend on the type of contract that you as a shipper have with your transportation company. Our cargo and freight damage lawyer can help you determine who is liable for the damaged cargo. If the transportation company is found to be liable (as they often are) we will then work to get you the compensation that you deserve. Your cargo damage claim is important! Don't let transportation companies get away without paying for the goods they have damaged.

How We Can Help

Our Miami maritime lawyer helps shippers, cargo insurance companies and uninsured shippers recover compensation from cargo damaged, lost or stolen through the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA), the Carmack Amendment, the Montreal Convention and other national and international laws, treaties and conventions.

These laws define how ship owners, cargo airlines, railroads and truckers must compensate cargo owners for problems in transit. With transportation companies looking to reduce liability by interpreting the law in their favor, our knowledge and experience in maritime transportation have helped clients resolve their contentious "package limitation" matters.

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