Carnival Cruise Ship Tilts to One Side at Sea, Glass & Debris Spilled Throughout

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image of a cruise ship on the ocean

On Sunday, October 28th, 2018, the Carnival cruise ship Carnival Sunshine suffered a severe list while at sea. The terrifying ordeal sent plates, glasses, tables, and passengers sliding all around as the ship tipped further and further to one side. Passengers aboard described the one-minute experience as “pure chaos” that induced panic.

A representative from Carnival claimed the list occurred due to a temporary technical malfunction in one of the ship’s fine stabilizers. Within the missive, it was explained that fin stabilizers are not purely necessary for the safe operation of the vessel. However, the passengers who reported suffering bruises and lacerations would likely disagree.

At this time, the only consolation offered to passengers for the incident, including those who decided to depart the five-day cruise tour early, came in the form of a $50 voucher for Carnival services. The captain of the ship also reportedly sent passengers a note that also pointed to a technical malfunction for the incident.

(You can learn more about this ongoing story by clicking here to view a full article from the Miami Herald.)

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