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Shipyard Disputes

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Entrusting a shipyard with the construction or repair of your ship requires a great deal amount of trust, and unfortunately, that trust is sometimes broken. Companies and workers who build and repair ships are not always honest or upfront about their quality of work or pricing. If you are involved in a dispute regarding any of these matters, you need the trusted representation of our Miami maritime lawyer.

At Michael C. Black, P.A. we fight for the rights of our clients, protecting them from unfair treatment related to shipyard projects. You do not deserve to be cheated out of your money due to poor practices or overpricing. Our maritime lawyer team is here to safeguard your best interests.

Common Shipyard Disputes

A variety of disputes can arise during the construction or maintenance of a ship, including disagreements about the management of a project, cost, scope of the work, contract breaches, and more. Typically the project will be guided by a contract, but it is not unheard of for shipyard workers to disregard these terms or for the contract to insufficiently cover all the important details. A common issue that can lead to litigation is overpricing. Sometimes shipyard companies will repeatedly tack on additional charges, forcing boat owners to pay outrageous amounts.

In other situations, the customer and workers argue about the project’s schedule. You may be dealing with a shipyard that fails to abide by the agreed-upon timetable, which can greatly affect the cost of the project and whatever needs the boat was intended to meet.

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